Using a Xamarin Forms Designer with Visual Studio

Why not use the most powerful tools in mobile design to design your next mobile app?!  Our Xamarin Forms Designer writes the code for you in Visual Studio!

Designer Trak for Xamarin Forms ~ Coming Soon!

I don’t know about Everyone, but we’ve encountered a rush in mobile app development, both corporate and private.  Wanting to develop apps and work smarter, not harder, we realized we were passing a lot of our work from designers to developers back and forth.

After a while we realized this was quickly becoming a daily thing, the work flow shuffle. And if anyone has developed an app before, they know designers are not developers and developers are not designers, so while sometimes they CAN do the work, it’s generally better if the right person does their right job.

But that got us to thinking, “Why not have the best of both worlds? Why not let our designers handle more of the app development?”

We looked around for a Xamarin Forms designer and came across a couple. They had some positive features but lacked the look and feel of an actual designer.

After researching further, we realized what we were looking for didn’t exist ….. yet!

So we built it!

A true WYSIWYG design/develop environment. Our designers are flat putting out the apps now that they can do the development too! Nice!

Hold on to your hats folks! It’s coming soon!  We’ve been developing apps with our own Designer Trak for Xamarin Forms and soon you could be too!

Are you interested?

Tell me about it!